Happy Tails

Diesel (Mastiff)

Hello TCHS! We just wanted to give you an update on the Marvelous Diesel. When we were at the vet on Friday he weighed in at 107.4. We will be taking him back in 2 weeks for the stool sample and a weigh in. Diesel fits into the family very well! He is enjoying his own bed and the couch very much! He has had no accidents! ( We thank Bud and Bear for teaching him!) The open wounds are healing nicely. He shows no aggression towards the other dogs, children or any member of the family. Our nephew, age 2 1/2, came over this weekend and Diesel was great with him. He surprises us with how gentle he is! You will see in the photos that he will even take food from our mouths. (I of course had a rag nearby to wipe the drool away, but it is worth it!) He and Smiley(our smallest) were playing this evening which was good to see! He knows our routine better than we do! Everyone eats at around 7 am, go out afterwards, take a nap, dinner at 4:30, out again, take another nap, get some treats,outside again at 9:00, and then bedtime! He is currently "talking", letting me know that it is time for bed! We hope everyone is doing well! If we can get you anything to help you with your case, please let us know. There is not a mean bone in this dogs body! We love him very much and feel that it is mutual. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help! Thank you introducing Diesel to us and thank you for doing what you do! We are looking forward to many good years! Have a good night! Sincerely, Diesel, Bud, Bear, Gypsy, Smiley, Don and Mandy Richardson