Mission Statement

The vision of the Tuscarawas County Humane Society is to create a community where all animals receive appropriate care, love and attention at all times; are treated with dignity and respect; provided necessary veterinary care; and protected from all forms of cruelty, abuse and neglect.

The Purposes of the Humane Society shall be to:

  1. Ensure the best possible quality of life for all animals, and to promote respect and reverence for life by establishing a "no kill" philosophy;
  2. Establish and maintain a fiscally-responsible shelter for rescued, abandoned, abused or neglected animals in Tuscarawas County;
  3. Promote the adoption of rescued, abandoned, abused or neglected animals into safe, lifelong homes;
  4. Eliminate animal cruelty, abuse and neglect by educating the adults and youth in our community;
  5. Promote an affordable spay/neuter program to end the overpopulation of companion animals in Tuscarawas County; and
  6. Lobby in support of animal rights legislation.