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American Bulldog / Beagle

Medium, Adult Female

Rose is currently in foster care. She is doing amazing. She was completely shut down at the shelter and has blossomed into a wonderful dog. She is learning to be a dog, working on house training, leash skills, and basic obedience. She is going to make a great addition to any family. She will need a family to understand her past and help her become all that we know she can be. For more information or to adopt contact the shelter at 330-343-6060 or visit our website www.tuschumanesociety.com. Adoption hours are Monday 1-4, Tuesday 1-7, Wednesday 1-4, Thursday CLOSED, Friday 1-4, Saturday 1-4, Sunday 1-4. We have a 24 hour application process. All applicants must be veterinary referenced and if rent landlord approved. All dogs are up to date on routine shots, microchipped on flea/theartworm/intestinal parasite prevention and are spayed/neutered.

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