Humane Officer

Report animal abuse or neglect.

humane officer

About Our Humane Officer

Officer Hitchcock has been in law enforcement since 1996. He started as TCHS Humane Officer in 2015. He serves a population of 90,914 with an estimated 22,983 dogs and 25,929 cats. Officer Hitchcock is an avid animal lover and has a few different critters in his home; dogs, cats, and some goats. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family and playing the drums.

Calling the Animal Abuse Hotline

When calling our hotline please remember a few details:

  • The Humane Officer is dispatched through the shelter.
  • All calls are confidential. The caller will not receive a follow up due to confidentiality.
  • The caller must provide an address to the location of the animal in need.
  • Please speak slowly and clearly so we can understand all the information.
  • Please leave a detailed message about the problem you are reporting.