Happy Tails

Marlyce and Chloe

To all of you AND to whom it may concern:

I'm writing to thank you for the spay refund that I received today.

Chloe continues to grow and..and...and-well, not mature at the same rate that she's growing. She ate popcorn out of the garbage bag I was preparing to throw in the dumpster this morning; 2 weeks ago, she jumped up onto my kitchen table (without the help of chairs) and ate the cinnamon honey pretzels that were left over from my family's visit that day; she has scaled the gate that I use on the stairs between my basement and upstairs. Oh my! I remember one of you saying how much energy she had. Goodness gracious. I can hardly keep up, but I'm having a riot. I recently told a friend that if I'm not swearing at her, I'm hugging her. She is so lovable. She loves to ride in the car and whines for me to take her to the garage. Chloe and my 8 year old friend, Sky, have forged a great relationship (as you can see above). We all went swimming on the 4th of July. I just wanted to update you, send some pictures and say THANK YOU again.

Chloe has made my life interesting...to say the least!! I love her.